Ubiquiti UniFi Networking Offer a Plethora Of Features And Benefits Designed To Empower Your Network In Sri Lanka​

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We instituted newer terminology standards

We Wifi Lanka PVT LTD is the master distributor in Sri Lanka and Maldives, we are committed to provide value added service to Our customers and reseller partners while not limiting to distribution in both territories. As a ICT distribution organization we are all ways keen to provide end – to – end products in each range. At a glance we are the 100% distributor for Ubiquiti (Unifi) & Wi-Tek

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Good management of our people make good sense.

Our strategy and policies underline the unique contribution our products can make to addressing climate change and the challenges we face in improving our own energy usage and resource management. Good management of our people, our resources, our communities and our environment also makes good business sense. This covers our actives and progress over the past year and our targets for the future.
Maduka Dushantha

Director - ITED Group


A right place for the right solution

The UniFi® (UBNT) Enterprise Wi-Fi System from ITED technologies and Solutions catering to Sri-lanka

Our Vision

Gain the largest market share in Sri Lanka & Maldives by using innovations and solutions to get the maximum advantage over the competitors


We are committed to distributing a premium quality product at a reasonable to our clientele with value-added services to ensure success in their projects

Our Values

Our core values are fulfilling our responsibilities & duties as a team to lead the successful result in our business

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